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I’ve paid my dues, time after time
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes I’ve made a few

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His movement to take her hands was very sudden, like he had been waiting for some sort of permission for relief. He tried to keep his hand from trembling, but he was sure he was doing a very good job. The thing he had glimpsed in this chute was not something he wanted to meet face to face.

"I’m s-sorry I snapped." He averted his gaze, not wanting to look at the channel the monster had disappeared through nor the look on Andromeda’s face. "I’ve seen something like this in another prison. Its an atrocious practice; experimenting on inmates. ‘Course that was a whole dimension away, I thought it might have just been a single radical idea…" Apparently not.


"Have you?" She looked back down the channel with a bit more concern now. That he was afraid spoke volumes. She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, his reaction beginning to scare her. “It’s okay. Nerves will do that. What are we up against, then? Do I even want to know?”

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These people have quality blogs and I recommend that you follow them.

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"S’okay."  He makes a soft hum of contentment.   She hasn’t objected to the fact he’s wrapped around her, so he briefly tightened his arms.   Giving her a small smile, he rubbed his cheek against her.  "Not a bad way to wake up."

"Hmmmm, no. It’s not." She was thoughtful for a moment, then corrected herself. "I mean that this wasn’t a bad way for me to wake up. I only know that it wasn’t a bad way for you to wake up because you told me." She reached up and fluffed his hair a little. "Are you claiming me as part of your territory, like a cat?" she asked with a grin.

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"Ah," he keeps his voice low.  "Something dangerous?  Can we just head to the house?"   The Doctor continues to hug her tightly, murmuring in her ear.  

He tries to discretely scan the area.  Only when she is done talking, does he pull back to take her hand. 

She sighed against his shoulder “I’m not sure if they’re dangerous or not. They haven’t approached me but I am pretty certain they’ve been shadowing me for some time. I am also sure that where we are staying is common knowledge, so we might as well. At least inside affords us a bit of privacy.” She brushed a light kiss against his cheek before he stepped back and took his hand with what she hoped was a confident smile. Mustn’t tip off her shadow to the fact that she knew they were there.

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Send my character a ► and a command. They must obey.



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Ain’t no party like a Time Lord party~ because Time Lords are boring fuddy duddies who wouldn’t know fun if it invaded their planet. Then they would make the Doctor deal with it.

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//On my way to a friend’s house for a few hours to BBQ. Will be back this evening. Have a lovely day!

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