Sometimes, for no particular reason, I think of you and smile.

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I love these new "type these words into your tags box and post the first tag that automatically pops up" thingies, so fun. Let’s do another one:

  • can’t
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  • my
  • will
  • stop
  • get
  • honestly
  • I’m

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"I’m sure it will and it seems like a better alternative than a curling iron - less chance of burning and nicer on the hair follicles."

She raised her eyebrows, barely suppressed amusement crossing her face. “Have you got experience with burning your hair with a curling iron?”

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"Juliet wasn’t on about TARDISes," Clara shot back. How quickly would the woman disappear before she could get downstairs? Hurriedly, Clara darted out from the window, slamming her head in the process, and practically tumbled down the stairs.

She could just imagine the Doctor’s reaction if she told him she let a woman who knew about TARDISes slip away. Her hurried fingers fumbled with the latch on the door and she stuck her head out into the chilly afternoon. “Hello… um… miss?”

Andromeda was making some quick settings adjustments on the gadget in her hand, and she looked over her shoulder vaguely when she heard the young woman open the door. “Yes? Have you decided to speak to me like a normal human being now?” she asked, turning toward her fully. “Why don’t we get the initial pleasantries out of the way so you don’t go on calling me ‘miss’? My name is Andromeda. And you are?”

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Stephan Moccio - Ow

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It doesn’t exactly make him feel better. In the moment, nothing seems like it will make him feel better. He appreciates the effort though, and it sounds a little less bleak than how he feels at least. A rueful smile creases his lips. “You make it sound so easy.”

All he can think about is what’s happened since, the way he hates even venturing into the hallways of his beloved TARDIS. If they got in once, they could do it again, and there’s nothing he can do to keep them out. Shaking his head, he struggles to explain without explaining. “My own ship isn’t safe. I always thought I could manage anything, but I couldn’t protect the Doctor. I couldn’t even protect myself. There was nothing I could do that wouldn’t have resulted in them killing the baby…”

There it is, the very most painful part. What should be a source of joy has become his weak point, a thing to be held for ransom in exchange for his very well being. He doesn’t like to think about how things might have played out if they’d tried something like that and he hadn’t had a child to lose, but it’s a whisper at the back of his mind, that his attachments are what has cost him everything. 

"And the Doctor…" He chews his lip instead of finishing because how is he meant to explain that he both longs to cling to someone, and is repulsed by the idea of being touched. How can he possibly tell Andromeda about the way he can’t even stomach the idea of kissing his lover without owning up to precisely what they did to him. He buries his head in his hands. "He doesn’t deserve this."

"Oh, it isn’t easy, by any stretch." She finally brings her eyes back up to meet his, guarded but honest. "But given time, it won’t be as hard in six months, six years, six decades, six centuries… as it is when you’re first trying to piece yourself back together. I know because I’ve been there.”

She leans forward, bringing her arms to rest on the railing along the side of the hospital bed. “The great illusion of life is that we have any sort of control over it. I know that isn’t the most comforting thought, but… The fact is that there are stretches of your life in which this horror hasn’t dwelled—in which good things have happened to you, in which simple pleasures and basic happinesses have existed… Don’t let those be outweighed by the current darkness that lurks your ship and haunts your dreams. We do the best we can with what resources we have at our disposal, but there will always be aspects of our lives that are out of our control, regardless of how much we plot and plan. And there will also always be aspects of our lives that are worth fighting through the darkness for, because the darkness won’t last forever. It will take time, and you have to be patient, and it may seem impossible sometimes, but there will be light again.”

She sits back in her chair again, wondering if she’s gone too far—if she’s only served to make things worse, and her next words are spoken very softly. “Your Doctor needs you. He deserves you. And he loves you, regardless of circumstance. I can see it, and I’m not even around the two of you all that often. If everything was flipped around—if he was in your shoes right now and you were in his, I wouldn’t be surprised if you called him an idiot for thinking such a thing.”

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"Mm, I do however, get the feeling I might be spending a bit of my time in ways I don’t care to. Though, it shan’t be in your company." he smiled. He opened the door for her, after lifting his phone and keys. "Take a left." he called, putting on a coat. It had gotten colder.

"Oh, you are a flatterer," she said with amusement as she stepped through the doorway and turned to the left. "How long have you lived here? And why don’t your neighbours like you?" she asked over her shoulder.

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 I LOVE when three or more indies coordinate on a particular verse all their characters occupy, whether it’s the muns’ mainverse or not. It makes it so much fun to follow a storyline that affects multiple characters.


 I LOVE when three or more indies coordinate on a particular verse all their characters occupy, whether it’s the muns’ mainverse or not. It makes it so much fun to follow a storyline that affects multiple characters.

✎ Anonymous: who's on hiatus that you need for the m!a and what is it?

//Hello, other nonnie!

I’d rather not say because I don’t want the person to feel like they have to come off of hiatus if they’re not ready to.

Plus I’m not 100% sure it’s something I want to play out, either, because of my headcanons on this character, etc.

So I’m just going to hang onto it and think about it and I’ll make a decision on it if/when the other person comes back.

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