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it’s the only thing stronger than fear

a very large expanse of sea, in particular, each of the main areas into which the sea is divided geographically

     ”That sounds very much like the definition for an ocean. Is that what you’re getting at?”

     ”Hang on, have I landed on the set of Jeopardy?”


"Not, not you.  I just, I can’t.  I need to get out."   He talked in fits and starts, fighting his way free.   Finally he skittered all the way clear, giving her a wild eyed look. 

"I’m sorry."  Turning towards the door, he snagged his coat, pulling his perception filter around his neck.   It beat into his brain, run, run, run.   The Doctor hadn’t bothered to stop for shoes, he just had to run.

She was sort of thrown off by his sudden departure, and just as she didn’t know what to do before, she really didn’t know what to do now. He clearly didn’t want her help, and she didn’t want to make things worse by forcing her help on him. So she did the only thing she could think of—she gave him space.

He’d been panicked enough that he’d left without shoes, so she went and gathered them and sat on the steps while she waited for him to return. And then she had a thought. She pulled out her phone and typed in a message.

[Text]: If you would like me to bring you some shoes at some point, just let me know. No rush, no pressure, OK?


"In other words, you are just like me."  He smiled, lightly reaching to brush his hand through her hair.  "Well, I’m not sure I’d call myself over-emotional, well, not by human standards, by Time Lord standards I qualify several times over."

When she turned around he kept one arm lightly around her waist, looking over her shoulder.  “Like I’ve said, not planning on letting anything separate us.   We’ll have all of Time and Space together.” 

She smiled, and although he couldn’t see it from the way she was turned, he could most likely hear it in her voice. “Not just like you. We’re different enough that we’re still individuals and I can’t always predict what you’re going to do, but of course there will be a few similarities. I imagine it would be difficult not to let the universe rub off on you a bit, and we’ve both been out in the thick of it.” She turned the dough over again a couple of more times and shaped it into a ball, then pulled a clean mixing bowl over in front of her.

"Can you pour a small amount of oil in the bowl for me?" she asked, gesturing toward the bottle nearby. "If we’re going to have all of time and space, we might as well start with the here and now."



The Doctor had left the door to his TARDIS cracked open, while he moved deeper into his ship.   Not something he did often. but if she came over here first, he didn’t want her to be locked out.   It remained important to keep Andromeda safe as well.   After all, if they were found out, it would just make things more difficult.  

Walking the hallways of the darkened TARDIS, he struggled to keep his spirits up.  It  hurt, seeing her like this, his old friend.   Both because of the straights she was in, but also because of what it represented, a loss of his freedom.   A part of him itched, to run, to get away from this place that had trapped him.   At the moment he didn’t have that ability, but when he did, he would run far and long from this place.

Grabbing a bag, when he reached his worship he started to load some tools into it.   Various mechanical bits to help keep him busy and his mind occupied.  When he left the room,  he stopped by his library to select several books as well to take back with him.

The fact that there was someone here she could talk to—someone in the same dilemma, with a similar frame of reference—did wonders for her mood. Whereas before she’d spent days distraught over her TARDIS, now she had a distraction of sorts. She picked up her pace as she crossed the field, curiosity about the blue box and the Time Lord inside it pulling her ever closer, as if there was a string tied around her waist, dragging her along.

She got to the doors and raised her hand to knock, but paused to give the box a once-over first. Once she was satisfied with her perusal she went back to the doors again and finally did knock. And then she stood back and waited somewhat nervously.

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The tenderest of touches flitted over his mind. It was there to coax him, to procure his permission for a deeper mental touch. This was, and had ever been, a rare event for him. To have someone that he deeply cared about initiate such a happening excited him in more ways than one.

His mental barriers trembled with anticipation. Layer by layer, they fell away; just the ones relevant to the now. No need to let unrelated memories run rampant at such a time.

He extended a metaphysical hand to her as he would a physical one. Perhaps he was being too cautious and careful, but he wanted this to be perfect, with a little luck, for the both of them.

She hadn’t expected him to rebuff her, certainly, but it was still gratifying that he would welcome her as readily as he did. As close as they were, she could sense his willingness pretty easily, and in her mind she took the hand that he’d offered her without a bit of hesitation. She hoped she didn’t seem too eager.

If this was a rare event for him, it was simply unheard of for her. She hadn’t been close in this way with any Time Lords since she’d left Gallifrey. She’d been all too willing to keep herself hidden, and she hadn’t ever really been terribly fond of telepathic species—the possibility that they could see into her thoughts made her nervous when she’d had so much to hide.

She supposed she still had things to hide, but she wasn’t going to go out of her way to do so with him. Those memories were put away in their little corners in places she doubted they would have need to explore in the present. And with the love that she felt for him, there was a healthy dose of trust there as well. She trusted that she would be safe with him, and that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.


“The biggest battle that I have is being a woman in the world. That takes center stage for me.”