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"You okay?" - camxmitchell


Sentence Meme

"Yes. I’m just… tired."

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//whoops I forgot I have to get gas and food on the way home. I’ll be online in about an hour.

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Sentence Meme [ 25 short sentences ]


• But…
• I love you.
• Please.
• I don’t.
• I hate you.
• We can’t.
• Idiot.
• I can’t.
• Talk to me.
• Go away.
• You okay?
• Fuck me.
• I wouldn’t.
• Don’t.
• Fine.
• Marry me.
• We shouldn’t.
• I will.
• I won’t.
• Let’s get drunk.
• I do.
• It’s over.
• Fuck you.
• Stop.
• I shouldn’t.

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"Well, if you can’t laugh at your own jokes, who will?" The Corsair smiled into her own drink. "Now I know who to call when I need a ship filled with unlikely foodstuffs in a hurry."

As much as she was enjoying conversing with Andromeda, it was getting somewhat late now, and she really ought to attempt to get back to her ship before she was too intoxicated to get any work done. She’d told herself when she walked in the bar that it would only be a couple drinks this time, but that had been at least five spans, and several drinks ago. She cast a guilty glance over at her satchel.

"This should probably be my last one," she told her new friend regretfully, "otherwise I’m not certain I’ll be able to get back to my ship under my own power."

Andromeda smiled and nodded. “It’s not like I’ve got an entourage tagging along with me to fluff up my ego.” That was by choice, more often than not, but even when it wasn’t she knew she was better off. Probably. “That’s what I do, though. Acquisitions. The more unusual and unlikely the item, the more likely I am to do it.”

She pushed her glass forward on the bar, but shook her head when the bartender enquired whether she’d like another. “Oh. Same here, I suppose,” she said with a hint of disappointment. It wasn’t like she stumbled across other Time Lords all that often anymore, and she wasn’t sure she would stumble across this one again anytime soon. Perhaps it was best. “It was very nice meeting you, by the way. I’ll have to see if I can find a Sontaran version of your ghost story. It will be immensely more interesting to see their side of things, knowing your side.”

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Afternoon sails.

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I want to rp with you, but I don’t think you want to rp with me: a book by me

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I see you liked my post….

Does that mean-….Can we do the thing?

A Novel by me.

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