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Send “ø” for a late night text. 

[Text]: I know it’s late but if you’re still up you should come out to the clearing.

[Text]: There is a spectacular aurora on display. I may sleep in the grass tonight.

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Send “ø” for a late night text. 

[Text]: Clara have you ever noticed how quiet it is at 3am?

[Text]: It’s like the whole world is asleep. Or abandoned.

[Text]: I imagine this is what it’s like when humans abandon the Earth for a time in the 29th century because of solar flares. But with no electricity.

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Send “☎” for a rushed text. 

[Text]: oh god come get me there are bats there was a bat in my hair

[Text]: please im going to cry

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"What did you just call me?"



"My everything."  The Doctor’s smile was crooked.   "That just kinda, came out."


Was that hope that bubbled up within her for just a split-second?

But she’d been through this kind of thing before, and it didn’t turn out nearly the way she’d hoped. She was hesitant to put herself into a position to be crushed, and she didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable for blurting out something he probably didn’t mean.

She turned slightly away from him with pink on her cheeks, looking for something to do with her hands. “I would have shared the pie with you anyway—you don’t have to butter me up for a piece.”

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//And here are a handful of pics from our day at the Trail of 100 Giants. I forgot to take my good camera with us so everything was taken with my phone camera.

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//Here are a couple of pictures from my trip—these are from the little camp we were staying at. The top photo is a view from the hill above—we hiked up above the camp on the first day and the views were spectacular. The bottom photo is a bunch of deer. I’ve never seen this many deer together in one place, and I suspect it’s because people who stay at this camp probably feed them (like they’re not supposed to) so they have made themselves comfortable. I counted at least 13 deer in that general area right around dusk.

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48 Shades of Lightning 
Taken from last night’s thunderstorm.
(color hues are unretouched)

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