I beamed slightly at the compliment as I place the badge into my pocket. “Psychic paper is brilliant, and might work slightly better than this does, but I’ve been itching to test out the effectiveness of this bad boy and now is a golden opportunity. If it fails, I could just chalk it up to being a gag gift I just received from my younger brother.” 

I nodded as I heard Meda’s opinion, and she was right.The thief, if they were as smart as they seemed, would travel light in order to reduce their risks of being detected. I took a quick glance at the screen as I heard the Tardis land. “Those are good, and although I doubt we would need explosives, they still certainly be useful for a contingency plan. I walked to the door, noticing that a certain cat was meeting me stride-by-stride.

"Well, let’s go play hide-and-seek." I said turning slightly towards Andromeda before opening the Tardis doors. Once open, Zagreus bolted past me and ran out of sight. I sighed with frustration at the cat’s actions as I walked out into a corridor.

"Damn it Zage! I knew that cat was up to something!"

I turned back and looked at the Tardis’ disguise. It was a grandfather clock, mid-18th century I would wager, and It felt right at home in between the line of armor we objectively parked into. “Well, at least the cover’s decent.” I said in a hushed tone.

Andromeda followed Astria out into the museum, a location she would generally be drawn to anyway. She did so like looking at old things, although old was certainly a relative term. Taking a closer look at the armour they had parked next to, she was startled by the cat’s sudden escape. This could complicate things, particularly if their thief turned out to be a bit more than they had bargained for. They couldn’t just abandon the cat here if things got heated.


"Should we follow Zagreus, or do you think he’ll find his own way back?" she asked the other Time Lady. "Considering how clever he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tracked down our burglar before we did."

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AU Wishlist


♨ Wedding AU ➺ Muse A and Muse B have been together for some years now. Muse A finally proposes and Muse B immediately starts preparing their perfect wedding. The place, the food, the flowers, the dress… 

♨ Writer AU ➺ Muse A is a writer, a successful one at that. They have an on-going series of very popular books. But their writing stops when they realize they don’t really know how their character would react to being in love. One morning they wake up to find that same character on their bedroom, Muse B.

Harry Potter AU ➺ Muse A and Muse B are Head Boy and Girl and don’t get along. Or where always friends. Or Muse A has always had a crush on Muse B and Muse B has always ignored Muse A because… mudblood. Something in Hogwarts, whatever. Anything.

♨ Train Ride AU ➺ Muse A decided to take a train and tour Europe during the summer until they had no more money, it’s there that they meet Muse B. They are asleep and Muse A can’t help but stare. Muse B ends up convincing Muse A to go travelling with them.

♨ Public Relations AU ➺ Muse A and Muse B have been together for some time, but Muse A has a public relationship with a co-star for the sake of their show. Muse B understands, but they are losing their patience. Even more when they are told Muse A will have to fake an engagement.

♨ Blind Love AU ➺ Muse A has always wanted a penpal, someone to talk to and trust. They find that in Muse B, who lives in another country. Their relationship starts developing but Muse B doesn’t want to meet for some reason.

♨ Past Lives AU ➺ Muse A and Muse B have known each other for a long time, they just don’t know it. They have met in different forms and with different names through the centuries. And even if they are destined to meet one again, they are also destined to lose each other. 

♨ Back in Time AU ➺ Muse A and B know each other from high school, some would say they were friends and others would say they were frenemies. Muse A has a terrible life at 38, they hate it. They hate that the settled for their high school love and gave up their dreams. Muse B has everything they wished for and more, even an addiction to cope with all their success. They both make a wish at midnight, they want to go back to a better time. When they both wake up they are back in high school.

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Still, it’s a good excuse to come over for tea.


I suppose. But I don’t really need an excuse to come over for tea. The tea and conversation are incentive enough.

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"Not anymore than usual" I said,wincing and rubbing the ear that was at closest proximity to the explosion. "Are yours?"


"They’ve been worse." She sat silently for a few moments, letting the dull ringing in her ears muffle her thoughts. "A day on an an exceptionally nice spa planet would not be remiss, I think."

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"So you know the Doctor. I’ve been looking for him but I suppose he isn’t going to show up any time soon." Sally says, taking another painkiller before giving the packet back to the cat. Mac disappears into the back room to put the painkillers back in Sally’s back pack.

"These ones are more malicious towards me. They’re holding off killing me for as long as possible, but their patience wears thin with each one I take out."

Cracking her back and biting her lip as her rib shifts at the movement, she continues in a more strained voice, “There used to be twenty of them, but I’ve knocked it down to 8. They’re rebuilding though so I don’t know how long they’ll stay at low numbers.”

Andromeda scrunched up her face apologetically and nodded. “Yeah. He’s a bit like Aslan in the Narnia books. You never quite know when he’s going to show up. He’s not really a tame lion… Time Lord. You know what I’m saying.” Okay, maybe that correlation wasn’t quite right, but she hoped it conveyed her meaning well enough.

Her eyes followed the woman’s extraordinary cat as it left the room and then watched her laboured movements. Her presence here, she knew, was probably only going to make things worse. Once the Angels realized there was another time traveller with a TARDIS in the area, they would probably become even more aggressive. “What, exactly, were you hoping he could do for you…? I’m sorry, I haven’t even gotten your name yet.”

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[She was right, of course. This “shortcut” certainly hadn’t turned out very short. Still, it wasn’t necessarily the worst place to be lost. The foliage was quite pretty on it’s own, even if they might’ve passed it a time or two. Maybe she hadn’t noticed?]

Where’s the fun taking the beaten path? I’ll bet no one’s ever seen this part of the forest before…at least not for a while, anyway.

[His tone is cheery as ever and he intertwines their fingers the moment their hands touch, opting for a different direction because he wasn’t planning on passing that tree a third time. Keeping a hold of her hand, he lifted a particularly large leaf out of the way so she could pass through, making sure the dew collected on top of it would pour away from both of them as he did so.]

And nope, nothing really dangerous here to worry about around here. Well, a few things. Weeell, we’ll be fine.

[The smile that graced her features was content and comfortable, and she gave his hand a light squeeze as they trekked through the undergrowth.]

Good point. You never learn anything new if you always stick to the tried and true.

[She grinned at her own unintentional rhyme as she ducked beneath the leaf he moved aside. At the moment, she wasn’t worried about the dangers. Yes, it was a forest and there were probably dangers out there, but as long as they kept their wits about them, they should be alright. Right?]

Perhaps we’ll catch sight of that mythical bear-creature that’s rumoured to wander this forest. The esben, I think they call it.

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"You’re right. I didn’t think of that."

[His eyes widened with a false sort of alarm as he watched the glass being plucked from his fingers before turning his gaze back on Andromeda. The expression didn’t last and he shrugged, one eyebrow raised as his lips quirked down thoughtfully.]

"Ah, well. At least if I go down again, I’m taking someone with me this time. And I think it’s certainly good enough to merit the risk."

[Her challenge was indeed met with a wide grin and another attempt to steal the drink back, his arm slowly, then very quickly reaching out to curl his fingers around the glass to pull it away the moment she lowered it.]

[She took a rather large gulp when she saw his hand moving toward the glass, and kept a firm hold on it when his fingers gripped it again. Smiling slyly, she licked her lips clean and leaned toward him with laughter in her eyes.]

"Have you forgotten your manners? I do believe a bit of please and thank you is warranted, considering I’ve just put my life on the line to make sure this beverage was not deadly or unfit for consumption."

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Nostalgia is a
dirty liar
that insists things
were better
than they seemed.

- Michelle K  (via embryons)

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"It was your home too, once," he replied. But they were both different people back then, and some things were best left in the past.  He’d changed too much it felt like, and without Susan, there wasn’t much reason for him to go back, anyway.  "No, it was.  It was me, Andromeda.  …the Daleks would’ve gotten to it sooner or later, I’m sure, but—I beat them to it."

She shrugged. Nostalgia for her home planet was extremely rare on her part. She didn’t have many good memories to lean on for that to be possible.

"You didn’t start the War," she pointed out calmly. "You might be the sole survivor of it, but the blame for what happened doesn’t rest entirely on you. There were plenty of hands involved in moving the planet to its demise."

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